Our Indicator Species Collection is a commissioned collection comprised of photos taken by Nick Stacey, Photographer and Reptile and Amphibian Specialist. Beautiful photos are laid into a variety of accessories that are sure to impress. A must-have for any reptile and amphibian enthusiast out there. You can follow Nick on Instagram @indicator_species where you will be able to see more of his work, both photographic and projects he is currently working on. Due to the nature of our shop, not all Indicator Species apparel and accessories will appear on this page - for those that aren't, we will be sure to link you as it becomes available!

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The mission of Fragile Planet Wildlife Center is to connect people to the natural world through creating experiences that engage our guests, provide innovative educational opportunities, and instill a passion in the next generation as responsible stewards for the future.

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Our vision is to inspire our guests to love, engage with, and to protect animals and their habitats in the wild. Through this we will continue the fight for conservation.