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The mission of Fragile Planet Wildlife Center is to connect people to the natural world through creating experiences that engage our guests, provide innovative educational opportunities, and instill a passion in the next generation as responsible stewards for the future.

Fragile Planet Wildlife Center

PO Box 533664

Harlingen, TX 78553

(315) 286-5574

Our vision is to inspire our guests to love, engage with, and to protect animals and their habitats in the wild. Through this we will continue the fight for conservation. 

Mobile Birthday Parties

A mobile birthday party with Fragile Planet is like no other! Our parties include a crew of two wildlife educators and an exciting, hour long animal program. Our program consists of an animal presentation, interactions with our animal ambassadors, photo opportunities, and guest Q&A. And did we mention the birthday boy/girl get's a FREE animal-painting gift from one of our animal ambassadors!?

How much does a Fragile Planet Birthday Bash cost?

Base Fee - $150 MARCH SALE!!! (WAS $300) *Offer good for Cameron and Hidalgo County only*


FREE travel to anywhere within Hidalgo and Cameron Counties

A FREE small animal painting for the birthday boy/girl

An exciting hour-long interactive animal presentation and photo opportunities

5 animals from the following list of animals:

  • Tree Frog

  • Spotted Turtle

  • Blanding's Turtle

  • Baby Tortoise

  • Hissing Cockroach

  • Mountain Kingsnake 

  • Ball Python

  • Giant Gecko

  • Crocodile

  • Caiman

  • Scarlet Macaw

  • Albino Turtle

  • Reticulated Python

  • Giant African Millipedes

  • Coatimundi

  • Aracari (Tiny Toucan)

  • Biofacts - skins, claws, fangs, etc

Optional Add-Ons

Upgraded Animal Options - $50.00 per Animal
*Selecting this option does not increase the number of animals we bring. This option works as a replacement for an animal from the list above.

  • Capuchin Monkey

  • Bat-Eared Fox

  • 15' Albino Python

Upgrade to a large animal painting - $10

Add an animal: $25 per animal added

Add 30 minutes: $50

Add 1-hour: $100

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If we schedule, when is the money due?

A: Cameron and Hidalgo County: The $50 non-refundable deposit is due within 3 days of scheduling the event. The remainder is due on the day of the event. 

A: Outside of Cameron and Hidalgo Country: Payment is due in full within 3 days of scheduling your event.

Q: What animals do you bring?

A: Choose from the list above. HOWEVER, please note and understand that an animal may need to be swapped out for another for circumstances that may be out of our control.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept cash, card, or cashiers checks. We do not accept personal checks.